Roof Repair In Charleston NC

Roof Repair In Charleston NC

Charleston Roofing Master is your valley roof repair experts. We provide roof repair through the entire Charleston valley. With the cost difference between a roof repair and a roof replacement, it is in your best interest to well informed. Most leaky or damaged roofs can be repaired. Our friendly professionals will thoroughly inspect all areas of your roof finding any hidden damage as well as any visible damage. Our free inspection report will help you to make the best-informed decision.


Charleston Roof Tune-ups

In the harsh Charleston climate, you may have roof damage for months and not know it until the next monsoon rain. Debris buildup on your roof not only hides damage but can also speed up deterioration. Leaves, ponding water, bird droppings, dirt and backed up gutters all contribute to roof deterioration and damage. Keeping your roof free of debris can extend the life of your roof and help keep your manufactures warranty valid. Charleston Roofing Master recommends an annual tune-up. This consists of cleaning your roof at a flat rate. During this process, we will do a thorough cleaning of your roof and an evaluation of the roofing material, pipes, vents, metal flashing, and all penetration of rooftop equipment and seal any area necessary. We will provide a complete evaluation and notify you of any needed repairs. If any repairs are necessary, we will provide you with a free estimate.

Charleston Roof Repair Evaluation

Roof Repair PhoenixDo you have a leaky roof or visible roof damage? Delaying repairing a roof can cause farther roof damage, as well as structural damage and this additional damage, will greatly increase the repair cost. Have you inspected your roof this year? Many signs of damage are not readily noticeable or even visible from the ground. Some roofing types can be difficult and a safety hazard to inspect and your safety is always a major concern with Charleston Roofing Master. We recommend a thorough professional inspection and evaluation.

A little prevention can save many thousands of dollars in costly roof repairs. An annual inspection or our annual roof tune-up can prevent or minimize roof repairs. But if you already have roof damage, the best way to minimize repair cost is with a fast, friendly and free estimate by Charleston Roofing Master. We will do a thorough evaluation of all roofing components, giving you an honest estimate. We will let you know the necessary repairs or if a roof replacement is really needed. Remember, the highest percentage of roof damage can be repaired. But every year bring you closer to needing repairs or a new roof. Let us help minimize your roofing costs.

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