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Roofing Services by Evergreen Roofing

The team aat Evergreen Roofing cover the Charlotte NC area specializing in flat roofing including rubber board/rubber membrane and felt roofing.

There are so many benefits in using these two materials such as: versatility, aesthetically pleasing, durable and extreme long lasting.

Here at Evergreen the best prices are guaranteed

Lead Roofing in Royston
Lead is a strong and durable material. At Evergreen Roofing our tradesmen are fully skilled in bossing and lead burning (welding), and our high-quality work will guarantee you an aesthetically pleasing and highly durable roof.

We also offer both zinc and copper roof repairs and also fit them if that’s what you’re after.


Copper Roofing & Repairs
Here at Evergreen Roofing, we offer copper roofing services and repairs for all different types of properties, using long strip and traditional copper sheet roof covering.

Flat Roofs
Our team cover the whole of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk Suffolk and specializes in flat roofing including rubber board / rubber membrane and felt roofing.

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Flat felt roofing

Fascias & Soffits
Get a free quote for quality fascia and guttering‎ today!
Our Evergreen team have many fascias & soffit fitters which can provide you a quick and high-quality service for fascia replacements, gutter soffits and fascias, and soffits fittings.

We offer a range of top Fascias and soffits which will replace your old timber boards and give them a lease of new life. As well as that we offer complete fascias, soffits and guttering installation at around $900 only!

The Upvc soffits and fascias we supply are extremely low maintenance and come in a wide range of styles and designs.


Rigidal is a cost-effective way of lining either a commercial or industrial roof, our professional fitted systems are not only beautiful to look at but also very functional as well.

Most commonly used on flat roofs these systems are available in many different styles and colors so there’s something for everyone.

The original roof sheeting that we work with come in aluminum or steel and can be made to order in any width from 240mm to 580mm.

Slate & Tile Roofs

Chimney Repairs
We guarantee a 1hour response and can provide same day repairs!
We work closely with a few very experienced local builders, making our brickwork second to none as they are chimney repair experts‎.
So no matter whether a small repair to your chimney or a full re-build, we provide exceptional service, so our customers are assured they are in good hands. See recent roof work.
For all your chimney repair needs we’ve got it all here at ELC roofers:

Chimney pointing/repointing of chimney brickwork.
Chimney removal.
Chimney relining.
Chimney breast repair, removal & fabrication/installation of structural support steelwork.
Increasing chimney draw.
Identifying causes of down draught & implementing solutions.
Rebuilding domestic chimney brick stacks.
Smoke testing & chimney leak detection.
Chimney Aspirator & anti-down-draught chimney cowl fitting.
Chimney capping & vent repairs.
Replacement & repair of damaged chimney pots.
Chimney brickwork cleaning & restoration.
Lightning protection/ Lightning conductor fitting

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